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FDA Announces New Final Guidances on Revised Nutrition Labeling Requirements

DaVinci Laboratories

On November 2, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced two new final guidances to help companies revise nutrition labels for conventional foods and dietary supplements to comply with the new regulations.

One document deals with the definition of a single-serving container, reference amounts customarily consumed, which are used by companies to determine serving size, dual-column labeling, and other related issues.

The second final guidance document consists mainly of questions and answers to help manufacturers determine how to calculate “added sugars” in their juice-containing products and certain other products. Other topics include compliance, label formats, and the declaration of quantitative amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Importantly, FDA made a clear statement that the compliance date is based on the date the label is applied to the product. If a label compliant with the old requirements is applied before the compliance date, the product is compliant and remains compliant throughout distribution. Any label applied after the compliance date must comply with the new/revised requirements.

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