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Global Healing Celebrates 24 Years of Safe and Effective Oxygen based Intestinal Cleansing


One of the most popular natural categories of all time is Digestive Health. Millions suffer from occasional constipation and know first hand how it can affect their health and well being. Global Healing, which started as Global Healing Center, a wellness clinic, in 1998 has always believed that health begins in the colon. All things, both good and bad enter and exit through the intestinal tract and therefore continual cleansing is imperative.

While there are hundreds of products in the Digestive Health category, many of them contain harsh laxative ingredients that cause cramping, bloating and intestinal discomfort. Many herbal laxatives work through stimulation of the intestinal motility muscles. While they might provide temporary relief, it can create a dependence on them to stay regular. After stopping the use of these products, many people experience what is called “rebound constipation”.

Oxy-Powder® is entirely different and is not a laxative. It uses the gentle cleansing power of oxygen and ozone to loosen and expel years of compacted food waste. Most people have anywhere between 5-15 pounds of compacted food waste that is preventing normal function of the intestinal tract and interfering with the absorption of healthy vitamins, minerals, protein and other nutrients the body desperately needs.

Oxy-Powder’s unique formulation was developed after years of research and studying the works of pioneers in oxygen and ozone, like Nikola Tesla. The proprietary process of supersaturating magnesium with ozone and oxygen and stabilizing it for internal use is what makes Oxy-Powder such a one of a kind product.

How does Oxy-Powder® cleanse the intestinal tract? After taking 3-4 capsules of Oxy-Powder, preferably at night before bed, the bonds between the magnesium and the oxygen/ozone are broken apart which slowly releases oxygen and ozone for over 18 hours. This oxidizes compacted fecal material turning it from a solid to a liquid and allowing it to easily pass out of the system the following morning.

Because there are no laxative effects, unsafe herbs or cramping, Oxy-Powder is safe to take every day, or as needed. It is also one of the only intestinal cleansing products that is safe to use during pregnancy and in younger individuals.

With over 24 years of established, safe market use, millions of bottles sold, and over 6,000, 5 Star reviews online, Oxy-Powder remains Global Healing’s signature product. It has been used successfully by consumers and health practitioners in the US and over 40 countries for decades. Oxy-Powder® is well recognized and promoted by dozens of celebrities, influencers and fitness gurus making Global Healing one of the top, trusted brands in the clean ingredient supplement category.

With over 40 product skus ranging from vitamins, minerals, herbals, cleansing kits and exotic nutraceuticals in both encapsulated and liquid delivery systems, we have been trusted for purity and potency for decades. Most of our products are certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and produced in our own manufacturing facility. Because Global Healing started as a clinic with the mission to improve the health of lives all over the world, health education has always been a priority. We continue to spread healthy, free content through our website, social media and video platforms.

Visit globalhealing.com/oxy-powder to learn more and make sure to sign up for our healthy newsletters. Global Healing is still family owned with its headquarters located in Houston, TX and our manufacturing facilities in Phoenix, Arizona.


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