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[Sponsored Content] Why Global Healing Iodine is essential NOW and into 2023


One of the most critical nutrients everyone should keep on hand is the mineral Iodine.

While there are numerous functions of Iodine within the body, it is best known for protecting and supporting the thyroid, normal metabolism, normal growth and development and brain health. According to the Current Health Science Journal article “Iodine Deficiency, Still a Global Problem?” published in 2017, approximately 2 billion people worldwide suffer from iodine deficiency and an estimated 50 million of those present with clinical manifestations. Current sources estimate that the number may be as high as 3 billion.

In fact, according to the World Health Organization, iodine deficiency is the main cause of brain damage in childhood. It results in impaired cognitive and motor development which affects a child’s performance at school. In adulthood, it affects cognitive function, memory, and productivity.

Why is Iodine critical to use daily and keep on hand right now? 
There are concerned citizen’s all over the world, particularly in Eastern Europe due to the threat of nuclear weapon deployment or possible targeted strikes of nuclear power plants that could result in the leakage of radioactive material. It is well documented that radioactive materials can quickly and permanently attack the thyroid, brain and other organ systems.

Since the beginning of the Russia – Ukraine conflict we have seen an unprecedented spike in Detoxadine™ (Iodine) sales. Although Detoxadine™  has remained in our top 3 selling products for well over a decade, we haven’t seen a spike in sales like this since the Fukushima Nuclear reactor leak in Japan in 2011. This catasphrophic leak was caused by an earthquake and tsunami and had huge environmental impacts. We are still seeing the biological damage caused from this disaster.

How does Detoxadine detoxify and protect the thyroid?
By providing the body with pure, nascent (atomic) iodine, the iodine receptor sites become filled with the healthy iodine they need to promote normal thyroid hormone production while blocking out the ability of harmful radioactive metals to bind to the thyroid receptor sites. If the thyroid is saturated with healthy iodine, all the receptor sites are full and the harmful radiation can’t bind and cause severe health effects. Nascent iodine is the most effective supplemental form of iodine. It is an atomic form of iodine with an incomplete number of electrons, giving it a high electromagnetic charge, improving its bioavailability and maximizing benefits.

What else can Iodine do to support health?   
Millions of Americans report low energy, chronic fatigue and brain fog. Iodine is critical for energy production at the cellular level, temperature and metabolism regulation, bone health, normal fluid regulation, pineal gland health, and detoxification of heavy metals, food toxins and environmental toxins.

One of the most important attributes of Iodine is its ability to defend against harmful organisms. For over 50 years, iodine has been used topically to sterilize the skin, treat wounds and cleanse the skin prior to surgical procedures. It has been shown in hundreds of studies to have an inhibitory effect on numerous harmful organisms, making it a great addition to your Immune support supplement essentials.

Global Healing was the first company in the world to develop a high strength, safe and effective, certified organic nascent iodine supplement! With over 13 years of established, safe market use, over a million bottles sold, and thousands of 5 star reviews online, Detoxadine™ is a must-have product for everyday use as well as having it on hand in case of an emergency.

Detoxadine™ is well recognized and promoted by thousands of health practitioners, health food stores, and pharmacies making Global Healing one of the top, trusted brands in the clean ingredient supplement category.

Detoxadine™ is a liquid mineral supplement in a base of triple-distilled water and glycerin derived from organic mustard seed. Sourced from deep earth iodine deposits thousands of feet underground, it is super concentrated so a few drops is all you need. Each drop contains 650mcg and the liquid delivery allows you to adjust your serving size depending on your current needs or for use with children, pregnancy, nursing or special circumstances. Our 1 ounce concentrated liquid is so potent, one bottle can last up to 6 months with normal use.

Since 1998, organic, plant-based purity is what Global Healing has always prioritized over profits. With Detoxadine™ and every other product we produce, we never add anything artificial. We don’t use toxic binders, fillers, excipients, flavorings, alcohol, solvents, preservatives or anything unnecessary, only the purest, organic, Non-GMO ingredients without any adulteration.

With over 60 product skus ranging from vitamins, minerals, herbals, cleansing kits and exotic nutraceuticals in both encapsulated and liquid delivery systems, we are trusted for purity and potency. Our products are certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and produced in our own manufacturing facility. We are still family owned and because we started as a wellness clinic with the mission to improve the health of lives all over the world, health education remains one of our primary objectives. We continue to spread healthy, free content through our website, social media and video platforms and even our own Global Healing Institute of advanced learning.

Visit https://globalhealing.com/products/detoxadine to learn more and make sure to sign up for our healthy newsletters. Global Healing’s headquarters are located in Houston, TX and our manufacturing facilities in Phoenix, Arizona.


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