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Granger Diagnostics Introduces Wound~Seq, a Next-Generation Care Test for Diabetic Wounds

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Granger Diagnostics (Richmond, VA) has announced immediate availability of the first commercially-available next-generation sequencing test for wounds and infections. This test ensures discovery of all bacteria, all fungi, all parasites and select viruses. The test requires only a simple swab of the wound or infected area.

David G. Bostwick, MD, chief medical officer, described Granger Diagnostics’ advanced molecular testing to facilitate wound healing: “We are excited to make available, for the first time, our clinically- significant test, Wound~Seq, that utilizes next-generation sequencing of the skin microbiome. Wounds and infections afflict millions of Americans every year, and are often perplexing to treat owing to the presence of unknown pathogens. Our new validated test provides significant actionable information that assists physicians in managing infections. Previous studies have shown that wound closure that relies on genetic-assisted testing is much more rapid, decreases pain and suffering, and results in cost savings. The promise of personalized medicine is now fulfilled.”

“Bacterial bioburden is an important factor in wound healing. Most chronic wounds are infected with several species of bacteria and often yeast,” added Dr. William Budd, director of laboratories at Granger Diagnostics. “Culturing fails to identify a large proportion of organisms leading to ineffective wound healing. Wound~Seq leverages cutting-edge molecular diagnostic techniques and high performance computing to identify organisms in a wound.”

Wound~Seq is the second Next-Generation Care Test in Granger Diagnostics’ pipeline, following Gynecologene, the first commercially-available laboratory test for bacterial vaginosis that incorporates this novel technology.

For more information, visit www.grangerdiagnostics.com.