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The Len Cerullo Method Clinic Opens First Location

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The Len Cerullo Method clinic recently opened the doors to its first location in downtown Chicago, IL. Pioneering a personalized and holistic approach aimed at alleviating pain—with surgery as the last option—founder Len Cerullo, MD, a globally-recognized neurosurgeon, has dedicated his career to improving patient mobility, reducing pain, and promoting optimal health and wellbeing.

“The Len Cerullo Method care plan treats the whole person—mind, body and spirit,” said Dr. Cerullo. “I am proud to open the doors to the clinic alongside an exceptional team of holistic healthcare practitioners dedicated to providing patients individualized treatment plans that integrate the best of western and eastern medicine. We strive to help patients live their best, healthiest life whether that means running a marathon, recovering from an injury, or treating chronic conditions or persistent pain. When appropriate, we aim to avoid surgery. And when it’s not possible, we strive to help patients recover as quickly as possible, getting them on the road to long-term health and wellness.”

Located at 680 N. Lake Shore Drive, The Len Cerullo Method clinic is home to physicians, nurses and practitioners specializing in Pilates, acupuncture, nutrition, injections, meditation, yoga, physical therapy, occupational therapy and behavioral medicine.

“Dr. Cerullo’s innovative and personalized approach to health and wellness is what many of my patients have been asking for,” said clinical psychologist Von Shade-Zeldow, PhD. “Whether someone is striving to recover from a recent surgery, looking for alternative therapies for chronic pain, or researching how gentle exercise and nutrition can help with arthritis, The Len Cerullo Method approach is uniquely geared toward helping patients achieve long-term success for a variety of concerns and conditions.”

For more information, visit www.thelencerullomethod.com.