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Logan University Welcomes Largest Class in 10 Years

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Missouri-based Logan University has enrolled its largest incoming class in a decade as 142 students in the Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) program began first-trimester classes on September 6, 2017. An additional 210 students enrolled in the College of Health Sciences programs, including doctorate of health professions education, and master of science degrees in health informatics, health informatics, sports science and rehabilitation and bachelor degree programs.

Individuals from 25 states, as well as Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago constitute the incoming DC class and will call St. Louis home for much of the next four years, or 10 trimesters. Logan’s DC curriculum involves intense study of evidence-informed, outcome-based chiropractic health care, with many hours of hands-on clinical experience incorporated throughout.

In addition, the university announced that one student with the highest grade point average at the end of the first trimester will earn a scholarship for the remaining nine trimesters of the DC program. “We are impressed with the academic and personal skills of these incoming students,” said Clay McDonald, DC, MBA, JD, Logan University president. “We are excited to motivate them even further and reward exceptional progress.”

Logan’s College of Health Sciences is growing rapidly, offering online and on-campus curriculum for undergraduate degrees in biology and life sciences, as well as online curriculum for the doctorate of health professions education, and master of science degrees in health informatics, nutrition and human performance, and sports science and rehabilitation. Incoming enrollment in these degree pathways topped 210 and includes students in South Korea, Puerto Rico and Armed Forces Pacific.

“The interest in these degrees confirms our belief that health science careers are in high demand,” said Kimberly Paddock-O’Reilly, DHEd, MSW, executive vice president of Academic Affairs. “Logan is uniquely positioned to build on its heritage of chiropractic research and education and create health degrees that can both complement the doctor of chiropractic or stand alone to support a meaningful career.”

For more information, visit www.logan.edu.