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Maine Lawmakers Override Veto to Uphold Insurance Coverage For Naturopathic Health Care

DaVinci Laboratories

By majorities in the state of Maine’s House and Senate lawmakers overrode Governor Paul LePage’s veto of a new law (LD 1030), which requires health insurance companies to pay for services provided by naturopathic doctors. Currently, there are approximately 50 naturopathic physicians licensed in Maine.

Effective on January 1, 2019, the law applies to all insurance plans, and requires insurers to pay for health care provided by licensed naturopaths just as if other licensed providers, such as medical doctors, osteopathic doctors or nurse practitioners, gave the care.

LD 1030 prohibits insurers from charging higher out-of-pocket spending, such as co-pays or deductibles, for naturopathic care. And while it does not require insurers to specifically include naturopaths in their provider networks, it prohibits them from excluding them on the basis of their training and licensure.

For more information, visit https://legislature.maine.gov/bills/display_ps.asp?paper=SP0337&snum=128&PID=1456.