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Orbita and IVCi Partner to Bring Video Collaboration to Connected Home Health Care

DaVinci Laboratories

Orbita, Inc. (Boston, MA) has announced a partnership with video collaboration solution provider, IVCi (Hauppauge, NY). The partnership will enable health care providers and home caregivers to easily connect home care, mobile health and voice health assistant applications with scalable and secure video collaboration services.

Orbita is integrating its connected health care products with IVCi’s solutions to enable video collaboration around data and insights gathered from smart, connected devices such as digital blood pressure monitors, fitness wearables, and voice assistants like the Amazon Echo. The resulting rich video collaboration applications increase patient engagement and adherence, reduce remote care costs, reduce re-admissions, improve outcomes, and drive new revenue opportunities.

“IVCi and Orbita are bringing patient care to a new level by empowering providers, home caregivers, patients and family members with real-time video collaboration informed and enhanced by smart, connected devices,” said Chris Böttger, IVCI’s CTO. “We’re excited to bring the power of Orbita to standards-based platforms such as Cisco Spark and Cisco Contact Center; delivering cost-effective population health management solutions to organizations ranging from small medical practices to the largest providers.”

“Voice is the next digital frontier. Orbita’s ability to integrate intelligent voice recognition systems such as Amazon’s Alexa means we can also meet the needs of patients who cannot use mobile, tablet or PC devices,“ Böttger added.

The partnership will enable IVCi to resell Orbita’s products to customers and prospects in the healthcare industry. Future plans call for IVCi to leverage Orbita Voice Experience Manager for solutions in markets outside health care.

“We’re pleased to partner with IVCi to help telehealth-savvy organizations deliver exciting, new patient engagement and care management experiences designed to improve outcomes while reducing costs,” said Nathan Treloar, Orbita president and COO.

For more information, visit www.orbitahealth.com or www.ivci.com.