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Dana Childs and Cyndi Dale

Dana Childs and Cyndi Dale Dana Childs and Cyndi Dale
Longevity By Nature

Dana Childs
Website: https://danachildsintuitive.com
Instagram: @danachildsintuitive

Cyndi Dale
Website: https://cyndidale.com
Instagram: @cyndidaleenergy

Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, healer and the author of nearly 30 books about energy medicine and spirituality. Her books are published in more than 18 languages and many have won nationally acclaimed awards. In addition, she has worked with more than 70,000 clients and students and presented hundreds of seminars and workshops across the world, in addition to conducting media appearances on all national networks. Besides conducting her popular classes through The Shift Network, she will soon be appearing in two upcoming documentaries.

Dana Childs is an intuitive energy healer, author and teacher. She leads immersive individual experiences, workshops, online courses and retreats to help individuals and couples learn to access their truest selves and open their intuitive gifts. She is a favorite of Gwyneth Paltrow’s company Goop and is partnered with Four Seasons Oahu in Hawaii for exclusive guided meditations and in person retreats. Currently, she is residing in North Carolina and offers a free year-long course on intuition via her website.

Q: What inspired you to write Chakras, Food & You?

A: Cyndi created the 12-chakra system nearly 30 years ago in response to her ability to perceive the five, extra, out-of-body chakras as a child, in addition to the typically perceived seven in-body chakras. Since then, she has applied this system through teachings, writings and consultations to tens of thousands of people.

One of her main interests has always been assisting individuals with applying chakra knowledge to food and wellness choices based on determining an individual’s main chakra. A few years ago, Dana had also intuitively perceived much of this same knowledge through her intuitive work and was assisting her clientele in much the same way. Since we were experiencing so much success with their clients, we unified our approaches to offer this exciting system to people everywhere.

Q: What are the chakra types?

A: There are 12 chakras. Of these, 11 of them describe unique personality traits. They are as follows:

Chart 1

Q: How do the different chakra types eat differently?

A: Every chakra type benefits from choosing foods and liquids that stoke its related endocrine gland. Scientific studies have been recently showing that different endocrine or hormone glands respond best to specific types of foods, liquids and supplements. Chakra types must also compensate for their particular personality tendencies (think cravings). In Chakras, Food and You, we explain in detail the optimal way for each type to eat as well as how to counteract those pesky cravings and food pitfalls. We’ve provided a brief overview here:

First Chakra Manifestors, Adrenals

Lots of proteins and vegetables. As the busiest and most physical of types, you’ll tend to ignore your dietary needs until you’re starving and then gorge, so stay up with your meals!

Second Chakra Creators, Ovaries and Testes

Go for whole grains, healthy fats and a well-rounded diet. As a feeling-based person, your cravings go crazy when your feelings do, inching you toward muffins, cakes and other carbs.

Third Chakra Thinkers, Pancreas

Eating a lot of small mini meals will even out your blood sugar, the nemesis of the pancreas. Each meal should include a healthy protein, carb and fat. When stressed, you’ll desire candy bars, soda pops and caffeine, so stay prepped with good-for-you snacks.

Fourth Chakra Relaters, Heart

The heart is all about love, and your body will feel loved with foods from the Mediterranean palate: whole grains, olive oil, lean proteins, fruits and veggies. Your super-cravings will strike when you’re not feeling loveable. What suits but soft carbs, wine or sugar? Watch for those!

Fifth Chakra Communicators, Thyroid

The thyroid requires “mineralization,” or lots of foods including a balance of minerals like potassium, sodium and magnesium. Heap your plate with green veggies and fruits. Your sneaky-cheats? Pretty much anything. You’re orally based, so keep those sticks of celery and carrots handy.

Sixth Chakra Visualizers, Pituitary

Visualizers are based in the master hormone gland. Because of that, it’s vital to eat a well-rounded diet by rotating foods. If you eat animal meat, go beef one day, salmon the next, and chicken the next, always with different carbs and fats. If you abstain from meat, make your main protein quinoa one day, hemp the next, and so on. Your downfall are foods that look beautiful—after all, you’re aesthetic.

Seventh Chakra Spiritualist, Pineal

The pineal gland is a mood regulator. Eat light and balanced and you’ll be freed from your “blue-mood foods,” like candy bars and alcohol. Make your cheat foods healthier, to include dark chocolate and liquids with various fruit and herbal supplements.

Eighth Chakra Mystic, Thymus

The thymus is a vital immune organ that shrinks over time in most individuals, though the Mystic must keep theirs healthy. A Mystic can crave any type of food, but abstaining from toxic additives and clean eating help eliminate those negative impulses. Mystics do best when they choose another chakra type after which to pattern their diet.

Ninth Chakra Harmonizer, Diaphragm

The healthiest and happiest Harmonizers select a food program that matches their highly conscious value system, such as the Biblical Genesis or vegan diet. Support this with diaphragmatic breathing and cheat with “airy” foods like popcorn.

Tenth Chakra Naturalist, Bone Marrow

Think organic and chemical free. Select foods that grow low to the ground, like peanuts, yams and berries. Boost the blood with vegetable or beef broths and watch the craving for fake foods, which can hit if you’re down and out.

Eleventh Chakra Commander, Connective Tissue

Always in charge, Commanders must boost their powers with a wide range of foods while emphasizing lean proteins. The connective tissue holds ancestral memories, so cravings might be transgenerational or inherited. To combat, blend a healthy protein, carb and fat for meals and snacks.

Q: Why is one chakra stronger than the others?

A: Before incarnating, our soul develops a plan that incorporates a life purpose. Let’s say that our overarching purpose might be to express through singing. In that case, the chakra linked with the gift of communicating, which is the fifth chakra, must be stronger than the other chakras. That is also the reason that it will be vital to support that chakra even more than the others. Keep your main chakra healthy, and the soul can achieve its goals.

However, know that throughout your life, your purpose and therefore strongest chakra may change, so be sure to stay tuned in to your body so you can nurture your dominant endocrine gland. For example, Cyndi’s son is currently a baseball player, and so must nurture his first chakra to keep his adrenals and physical body strong and healthy. But for his career beyond baseball, he imagines himself leading youth, which would mean that his focus for health would then shift to his sixth chakra visualizer self and his pituitary gland.

Q: Do you recommend vitamins and/or minerals? If so, which ones?

A: Typically, we recommend that individuals select supplements based on their needs and if necessary, professional expertise. Having said that, Cyndi is a strong adherent to supplementing with vitamin C and magnesium. Specifically, she uses magnesium l-threonate in the evening to aid in relaxation and sleep. This is a very interesting type of magnesium in that it was developed by MIT to cross the blood-brain barrier. Mainly she prefers to get her daily requirements from food.

Dana is a fan of getting vitamins and minerals from food whenever possible. This is the most bioavailable source. However, much like Cyndi, she is a fan of magnesium and vitamin C supplements, as well as vitamin D3 and zinc. Since she lived over 30 years as a vegetarian, she also knows the importance of iron when needed. Currently in an intense study of gut health, her love of appropriate strains of probiotics is also growing.

Q: Please explain the twelfth chakra.

A: This is a beautiful chakra and is unique to each person. It reflects the spirit or essence of an individual, and most of its energy is found on the outside of the auric field. In this position, it serves as a sort of boundary for one’s spirit. It is easiest to connect with during meditation by journeying through the center of the heart chakra.

Cyndi loves working with this chakra, specifically to help people uncover a special and extraordinary gift. For instance, one of her clients discovered that she had a special writing gift. She would write a short story for someone—and the ending always came true! Another figured out that through this chakra she can always sense the way to create joy for animals. Dana has had similar experiences with clients while working with the twelfth chakra.

It is here that she witnesses clients identify their specialness and understand the quirky things they love or do. For example, a client of hers loved journeying to random geographic locations to create paintings of the landscape only to find that she would then feel compelled to give the painting to someone. Turns out, through her art, she was capturing the healing energies in the setting, and these energies would transfer to help heal the heart or being of the person on the receiving end of her gift.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

A: Having witnessed firsthand the benefits of this program, we are so thrilled to offer this unique system to the world. Cyndi has worked with thousands of clients who have applied these concepts to get healthier and stronger. And while it’s not a weight loss book, eating the foods best for you can lead to achieving a harmonious weight.

For instance, Cyndi recently worked with a woman who followed much of the recommendations for type. She has lost 60 pounds and is not pre-diabetic any longer. Recently, Dana received a call from a client who read Chakras, Food and You, determined his chakra type, and after only three weeks of implementing the program, lost 26 pounds and feels better than he has in years!

It’s important to love and feed your body for optimal health and happiness. And let’s face it, in today’s world, we can all use a little more of that.