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Forté Announces the Launch of Mediceutical Products

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Forté Elements, LLC (Provo, UT) has announced the launch of its Mediceutical line of products, a line of clinical useForte nutritional products that address the nutritional needs of recovery for a variety of clinical conditions. Founded in 2013, Forté spent more than two years researching and developing its products.

“After years of treating patients under intense physical demands, especially athletes, I began an intensive research effort to determine if and what nutritional supplements could improve recovery outcomes,” said Kirt Kimball, MD, an orthopedic surgeon and a founder of and chief medical officer for Forté. “My research led to the creation of a line of products rooted in medical and nutritional science.”

Forté flagship products include Forté Pre-Op and Forté Post-Op. This combination of products pre-load the body with safe, essential nutrients prior to surgery and essential vitamins, minerals, protein, and amino acids that support recovery from the trauma of surgery.

“It is a common practice for a surgeon to have patients stop taking any nutritional supplements prior to surgery, because there are real risks with blood thinning and other potential complications in a surgical setting,” Dr. Kimball explained. “We created Forté Pre-Op so physicians can recommend a product, developed by a surgeon, that is safe and pre-loads the patient with key nutrients essential for optimal healing.”

For more information, visit www.forteelements.com.