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MUIH Announces Expansion of its Continuing Education Courses With NANP

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Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) has announced that it has expanded offerings as an approved continuing education provider for the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP). This furthers MUIH’s role as a leader in the education of nutritionists. MUIH’s nutrition programs are grounded in a holistic philosophy that integrates the physiological, socio-cultural, and evidence-informed roles of food in our lives.

MUIH’s Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) department offers a wide range of professional development courses in flexible formats that provide nutrition and other integrative health professionals with opportunities to sharpen their skills, develop new areas of expertise, and earn additional credentials.

MUIH has added online courses in the following topic areas as Category I continuing education unit (CEU) courses with NANP: nutrition for Parkinson’s disease and cancer prevention; ayurveda and nutrition; endocannabinoids, cannabis, and immunity; psychoneuroimmunology and how thoughts impact disease; and scientific writing for integrative health.

“PCE is pleased to be recognized as a superior provider of continuing education for holistic nutrition professionals to support NANP members in achieving their professional development goals. Through organizations like NANP, PCE can fulfill its mission to offer advanced, convenient and relevant educational opportunities for complementary and integrative health practitioners to expand their skillsets to offer progressive whole-person care to their clients, while earning valuable credentials in the process,” said Beth Romanski, director of professional and continuing education at MUIH.

For more information, visit www.muih.edu/ce.