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Natural Partners and Fullscript to Merge

DaVinci Laboratories

Natural Partners, Inc. (Scottsdale, AZ) and Fullscript (Ottawa, ON, Canada) have announced plans to combine, bringing the best wholesale and Natural Partners Fullscript Logofulfillment network in the nutritional supplement industry together with the premier online supplement dispensing platform to create a more efficient, effective and innovative solution for integrative practitioners and patients who seek holistic and natural solutions for wellness.

Supplement protocols are notoriously complicated yet effective when followed; simplifying the patient’s process and routine is critical to improving outcomes. By providing a seamless solution for stocking, prescribing and dispensing, the new merged company gives practitioners the time and resources to create highly personalized wellness plans that are easy for patients to follow.

Natural Partners Fullscript will harness Fullscript’s excellence in software engineering and Natural Partners’ supply chain and merchandising expertise to provide a holistic management solution for integrative practitioners—no matter how they choose to prescribe and dispense. The new company, which will specialize in online dispensary management, specialty distribution, e-commerce and patient adherence tools, is dedicated to supporting the expanding integrative health care market. The company’s new roadmap for service evolution and product innovation is expected to improve health outcomes for patients, while driving increased demand for wellness products and services.

“This combination is unique; we’re bringing together two teams that are completely complementary and laser focused on the future direction of the wellness industry,” said Fran Towey, CEO, Natural Partners Fullscript. “Fullscript’s strengths are amplified by Natural Partner’s strengths, and vice versa. The Natural Partners team is incredibly passionate, and it takes that kind of passion to make a difference in health care. That’s why we were so drawn to the Fullscript team. In an industry that’s fraught with complex issues that have a real impact on human lives, we’ve got something special to contribute—a great strategy, and a team of people that truly care.”

“When my co-founders and I started Fullscript in 2011, we knew we were embarking on a difficult journey with an incredibly worthy mission—we believe in integrative care and we need to make it easier for everyone involved in that industry, especially patients,” added Kyle Braatz, president, Natural Partners Fullscript. “Every decision we’ve made, every new feature or service that we’ve released in the past five years, it’s all been driven by that mission to take the hassle out of integrative health. The decision to combine with Natural Partners is no exception. They want what we want, they care about the same things we do, and together we can take our services

For more information, visit https://fullscript.com or www.naturalpartners.com.