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TRU NIAGEN Expands North American Footprint With Product Launch in Canada

DaVinci Laboratories

ChromaDex Corp. (Los Angeles, CA) has announced that it has officially launched TRU NIAGEN in Canada, having received regulatory approval for sale by Health Canada. Directly from the innovators behind NIAGEN (nicotinamide riboside), the product is now available at www.truniagen.ca and to health care practitioners at Fullscript Canada.

“I have been following the research behind NAD and cellular health for years,” said Bryce Wylde, functional medicine clinician and one of Canada’s leading alternative health experts. “I take TRU NIAGEN myself and recommend it to my patients who want to live healthier—for longer.”

“As we build TRU NIAGEN into a global brand, we are pleased to extend our footprint to Canada,” noted ChromaDex CEO Rob Fried. “We look forward to bringing TRU NIAGEN to the health-conscious people of Canada and other countries around the world.”

Fran Towey, Natural Partners Fullscript CEO commented, “Cellular health is a critical component to overall health—we are pleased to make TRU NIAGEN available to our network of healthcare practitioners in Canada.”

For more information, visit www.chromadex.com or www.truniagen.ca.